Name Kyro
Year of Birth 1996



001 'Aina'

002 'Ovan'






Yukari Ketsueki

Zanryu Ketsueki

'Kiri No Akuma'

Sarran Kyzak



Kyro, also known as Jiyo and Omar, was the leader of the original DoD. Currently he is on the Admin team and a current member of DoD, and leads the faction Celestial Being.

He's responsible for making this Wiki, so say thanks whenever you get the chance.


Kyro got the idea to make an Anime RP when his friend suggested it while Kyro was saying how he was tired of being ignored and abused by the Admins on other RP communities. He gathered up some of his friends and made DoD: RP for the first time as an Anime RP community.

After awhile, Kyro and the other members decided to try making DoD a Starwars RP community, because not many people that play JKA know much about Anime, and if you play JKA, then you must know about Starwars. They figured this would gain them more members, since everyone would know how to RP there.
Unfortunatly, instead of gaining members DoD lost two members, and then later Kyro had his laptop taken away by his parents. When he got it back a few weeks later, he found out that the Co-Leader had killed off DoD, denouncing it 'dead'.

He talked to his friends about this, and then Michael told him that he was going to start a Dragon Ball RP called 'DB: UD - Dragon Ball Ultimate Destruction'. Michael made Kyro and Mope admins there, and eventually they agreed to let in all anime. And so, Dawn of Darkness was reborn.

Now Kyro is making Wiki pages and hosting for DoD and a Starwars community called Insterious, living a happy life far far away.

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